Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Making Connections

One of the greatest things about blogging in particular and the net in general is connectivity - linking ideas, thoughts, sites, people.

So am delighted to link up with two fellow bloggers whose output is recommended:

Creative Generalist: 'An outpost for curious divergent thinkers who appreciate new ideas from a wide mix of sources. Completely random and updated regularly, inspiration drawn from - and relevant to - the larger creative world.' The blog is curated by Steve Hardy, a Creative Producer at Airborne Entertainment in Montreal, Canada. He began in April 2002 and, in one of his first postings, wrote:

' While specialization in all fields has become standard, I believe that a generalist's role is becoming even more important in figuring it all out. Nowhere is this more apparent than in creative endeavours, where the best ideas are products of a wide, often unusual mix of thoughts, disciplines, cultures and inspirations. A generalist is one who sees the big picture and make the connections that lead to new and interesting discussion.'

Us Generalists have got to stick together.

PunchBuggy is the on-road online journal of Rupert Lloyd Thomas, who is currently driving his diminutive Smart car across the US. Here's a taste:

'We head into Clovis, NM on the trail of Buddy Holly. You need an appointment to visit the Norman Petty Recording Studios at 1313 W. 7th Street but the 'just show up' philosophy works as we are greeted by Ken Broad, who will show us round after lunch. We go down the street to the Foxy Drive-In, "where Buddy used to hang out."It hasn't changed a bit and we snack on a chicken burger waiting to get indoors at the studio. We photograph the Nor-Va-Jak sign at the studios as Ken returns. The studio is in a timewarp with all the original gear on display - I'm freaking out as I listen to Buddy through the original sound system while sitting in the chair in the control room - all the hits were recorded here. Roy Orbison was here and the hit "Sugar Shack" by Jimmy Gilmer and Fireballs, an NM band, was also recorded in this studio. What a blast!'

Rupert is a global traveller and interested in a wide variety of interesting things including energy efficient technologies and Mad Jack Fuller. His journal makes good reading and interesting comparison with Bill Bryson's 'The Lost Continent', which I have recently finished.

Rupert hails from here in Lewes but now lives most of the year in Toronto. He and his brother are behind our local radio station Rocket FM, which broadcasts for a couple of weeks once a year around the time of our Bonfire Celebrations (the biggest in Britain) in November.

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Steve Hardy said...

Thanks for the mention, John. It's always great to find other generalists out there.

For the record, Creative Generalist was started in April 2002 (not Jan 2004).