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Eco Factor: Sustainable pavilion designed for the Shanghai World Expo 2010  designed by Atelier Feichang Jianzhu. The interior spaces of the pavilion will be shaped as a series of free-flowing forms and will not be enclosed by walls of a static kind. The walls will rather make use of a cubic volume of infrastructural network including LED lights and a mist-making system, which has the ability to transform the shape of the building in a moment. The building will feature a 1600m2 solar heat-collection tube on the roof, which will provide hot water and use ultra-low temperature power generation technology to generate renewable electricity using solar energy. The external façade of the pavilion will be made using polycarbonate transparent tubes that are made from recycled CDs. In addition to this, the pavilion will also harvest rainwater and recycle it for daily purposes and for the mist-generating system, which will also regulate temperature and purify the air. Source: ArchDaily  S_NW000122

In the week since my last post on this topic,


some significant developments and interesting thinking.

Sun, wind and wave-powered: Europe unites to build renewable energy 'supergrid'

by Alok Jha [The Guardian. 3 Jan 2010]

Green technology to be used by top firms to overhaul UK homes

by Nick Mathiason [The Guardian 1 Jan 2010]

Government must 'green economy and create jobs' FSA chief says

by Ashley Seager [The Guardian 1 Jan 2010]

green-recycle-imgMore businesses here turning to green technology

By Amresh Gunasingham [The Straits Times 4 Jan 2010]

Investing in green technology

by Jorge Osit [Manila Bulletin. 3 Jan 2010]

Concern as China clamps down on rare earth exports

Neodymium is one of 17 metals crucial to green technology. There’s only one snag – China produces 97% of the world’s supply. And they’re not selling

By Cahal Milmo [The Independent 2 Jan 2010]


Cutting Through The Hype Around "Green"

by Charles Cooper [ The Green Eye/CBS News. 4 Jan 2010]

Jean Todt to push for 'green' technology in Formula 1

Formula 1 bosses are to investigate ways of promoting the advance of environmentally friendly technology. [BBC. 28 Dec 2009]

12_22_09_green_condom Contraception is 'greenest' technology
Are condoms and birth control pills more cost effective than windmills and solar panels as tools to curb global warming? Yes, and by a wide margin, contends a recent study from the London School of Economics asserting that family planning is nearly five times more cost effective in mitigating global warming emissions than green energy technologies like wind and solar power.

by Weston Sedgwick [Green Technology Daily.Com. 22 December 2009]

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