Monday, February 08, 2010



'Design Like You Give A Damn: Architectural Responses to Humanitarian Crises'

This is one extraordinary and exciting book about a vitally important and interesting organisation that I am ashamed to admit I have only just become aware of - Architects for Humanity. They are currently involved in plans for the reconstruction of Haiti. They are involved in visionary + practical schemes around the globe that you will find genuinely inspiring. The best in humanitarian design.

Anyone who has an idea for changing the world should read the introduction to this book. How from a small but significant flash of inspiration, a few individuals have created a powerful global network that is working hard to address one of the major human problems of the world  - shelter - by motivating and providing a focus for  the creativity and ingenuity of students and professionals in institutions and companies worldwide.

The stories in this book are astounding. Having identified mobile health care as one of the key ways of addressing the AIDS epidemic in the townships of South Africa, what form should it take and how will you deliver it. The solutions proposed are brilliant but then how do you implement them on the ground. This is the real stuff.

AFH were involved with the Tsunami, the Kashmiri earthquake, Hurricane Katrina - and now Haiti.

Find out more on their website. Support these people. They are doing good in the world.

Architecture For Humanity

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