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Blah, blah, blah. The gruesome spectacle of seeing three political parties all peddling versions of the same tired messages is sickening. Let’s face it. Whoever gets in, even if the Parliament is hung, what faces Britain is severe financial cuts followed by large-scale industrial and union action. There is no vision, no imagination, no hope in their rhetoric. All parties have been besmirched by the expenses scandal. They are failing either to come to terms with the problems or to connect with people. They are running one of the most controlled states in the world, micro-managed from the centre. We live in a society in which our civil liberties have been severely eroded. Time for A Change ?


The MyDavidCameron spoof site

To find out how much your vote will count for in the upcoming election, log on to Voter Power Index

According to this site: ‘In the 2005 election, more than half of all voters voted against their winning MP. Their votes were simply thrown away.

In the UK, the only voters with any real power to choose the government are those who live in marginal constituencies. Less than 20% of constituencies can be considered marginal.

The rest of us have little or no power to influence the outcome of the election. In fact, statistical analysis by the nef (the new economics foundation) shows that one person in the UK does not have one's more like 0.25 votes. In some ultra safe constituencies the value of your vote falls to practically zero.


Source: Digital Democracy

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Cover image for the Posters For Peace and Justice calendar. Found on the excellent JUSTSEEDS Artists’ Cooperative blog.

There is a crying need for a radical change in our political landscape, language, thinking and organisation. We’ll be reporting on people who are trying to help this process along.


Check out POWER 2010, one group who are leading the charge for electoral reform

image You can download the excellent report POWER TO THE PEOPLE : an independent Inquiry into Britain's democracy


Also Beyond The Ballot: 57 Democratic Innovations from around the world.

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