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IRAN hubble_bubble_ghahve

Hubble Bubble in Ghahve Khaneh/ Ghahve Khane Azari-Vali Asr street before Raah Ahan square-Tehran. 4 June 2010. Excellent recent photo essay by Kamyar Adl entitled ‘Day Out in Tairish Tehran’.

The Generalist recently received a message from Nasrin Alavi, whose brilliant book on Iranian bloggers WE ARE IRAN we discussed at length on a Previous Post on 9 July 2006 

Read her recent article entitled ‘Iran in Darkness and Light’ published on the excellent Open Democracy site earlier this month.

There’s now a great directory of Iranian Blogs – from Iranians both inside and outside the country. Some are current, others serve as fixed traces of the turmoil of recent years. New posts in column on right.


According to Wikipedia:

Blogging in Iran operates under special circumstances because the government restricts certain views. Blogs in general tend to be unregulated compared to other forms of expression in Iranian society. This characteristic can account for the huge popularity of blogs especially among Iranian youths. As of October 2005, there are estimated to be about 700,000 Iranian blogs (out of an estimated total of 100 million worldwide, of which about 40,000-110,000 are active, mostly written in Persian, the Iranian language).

There are also many weblogs written by Iranians in English and other languages. Most of them, though, belong to expatriates who live in North America, Europe, Japan, etc. Iran is the third-largest country of bloggers in the world after the United States and China.[1][2] With more than 700,000 Persian blogs, mostly based in Iran, the Persian language is ranked as the second-most-popular language in the entire blogosphere.[3][4]




The map of the Iranian blogosphere was produced on 6th April 2008 by John Kelly and Bruce Etling for their paper, "Mapping Iran’s Online Public: Politics and Culture in the Persian Blogosphere."

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