Thursday, June 10, 2010


Reluctantly we left Valentia Island, which will always remain close to our hearts and caught a coach and two trains which carried us to Dublin in about five-and-a-half hours. Bit of a contrast. Stayed at the Gate Hotel off O’Connell. Cheap and cheerful (39 euros a night a twin room) with a Rock Bar below.

Copy of DUBLIN1611 Visited the Writer’s Museum and the Hugh Lane Gallery. The latter now houses Francis Bacon’s studio, lovingly reassembled to form a unique display. The gallery has a wonderful collection of Corot paintings and a small Degas sculpture which was a beautiful thing. Here is the one drawing I made on the trip.DUBLIN2612

DUBLIN1611Most of our time was spent in the Temple Bar district where we enjoyed the sights and sounds, drank the Guinness, ate oysters, listened to music and enjoyed conversation and the craic. Below our two favourites – O’Neills and McDaid’s.Copy of DSC_0258 Copy of DSC_0265 DSC_0294

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Copy of DSC_0293

Copy of DSC_0245

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Copy of DSC_0281

So hear we are looking refreshed and revived on our last night. This very special trip would have not been possible without the following: Tanya, Pete & Harry, Manek & Hazel, Richard, Mike and Caroline, Ed, Martin, Mick & Sarah, Russell, Fran and Lindsey, Andy & Phillida, Ian&Debbie, David M, Flo & Bridget, Nick Davies, Gordon& Kathryn, Jo, Katie and many other friends at the Lewes Arms & The Con Club. Special love and thanks to my son Al for having the idea, making it happen and being my Passpartou.

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