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This is a  copy of a collector’s  item - an early illustrated  biography  of Big Country, which I produced for Omnibus Press in 1985. Currently rarer than hen’s teeth. Only available copy I could find on the net was going for £42.00.

I remember the experience well – and it wasn’t always a comfortable one. There was a lot of pressure and crazy things happened.

BIG COUNTRY3813 Those were the really early days of the band which I think the book captures well. I was trying to  understand where the band was coming from, trying to discern the underlying vibe and also trying to get away from the fixed and anodyne official photos that were being used to present them.

There’s a reason that the book’s subtitle is ‘A Certain Chemistry’. I just couldn’t figure it out. Stuart and Bruce had grown up together but then there was Mark and Tony – very different characters, It was difficult to grasp how the energy worked but work it did. The live shows were cracking.

I was privileged to cross the Forth Bridge on a train and interview Stuart Adamson and meet his son. He is still sadly missed by many but the songs live on.

I really enjoyed meeting them all and last year was happy to hook up again with Mark (now also playing with Thunderclap Newman), and Bruce and his son, who came to Lewes to do a gig. 

Now the really good news.

Just met Del in the Lewes Arms who has been on the road with the new Big Country featuring Mike Peters of The Alarm in place of Stuart. He said the gigs were unbelievable. Get this. The first night was in Glasgow on New Year’s Eve. So no pressure there!!

Word of mouth is that it’s a triumph. Expect to see them at Festivals throughout Europe this summer.

Which is wonderful for my dear long-time friend Ian Grant  who has put his heart and soul into the band for so many years and whose faith in them is  now being rewarded.

levs-Levellin2011 qt page R3:levellers q qt page new dates Strangely, I was in the bar the night before with Mark Chadwick of The Levellers. They are doing a 20th Anniversary Tour for the rest of the year starting in March.

They are the last one’s standing, their name is to do with the radical heritage of Britain and the time is right. Respect.

PS The Alarm are doing 30th anniversary gigs this year. The Celtic Fringe is buzzing and rebel music is on the march. Keep you posted.

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