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Back in February 2008, The Generalist had the opportunity to sit down with Nick Davies, during a period when he was promoting his book ‘Flat Earth News’ for a long interview.

Check it out on the Audio Generalist site.

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In the light of recent developments the book seems prescient. In the chapter ‘Dark Arts’ he addresses the whole issue of newspapers using private detectives and others to illegally tap phone records and conversations and access police databases. What is clear is that the practice was not limited to the News of the World  but was rife in many other newspapers including the Daily Mail,  the Sunday Times  and The Times.

Nick was one of the pioneers of these investigations and was also the man who hooked up Julian Assange to The Guardian and other papers leading to the widespread publication of Wikileaks material. Hats off

In that regard, See:

Frontline Club Exclusive: Julian Assange in conversation with Slavoj Žižek moderated by Democracy Now's Amy Goodman

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READ ALSO; ‘Murdoch: the network defeats the hierarchy’ by Paul Mason

‘As the News of the World scandal gathered momentum it became clear, by midnight on Thursday, that this was not just the latest of a series of institutional crises - the banks, MPs expenses - but the biggest. For this one goes to the heart of the way this country has been run, under both parties, for decades.

‘It is like a nightmare scripted by Noam Chomsky and Slavoj Zizek: key parts of the political machinery of Britain are wavering.’

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