Saturday, April 09, 2016


Just a short post to mark the passing of one of the great on-offs of the pop scene Andy Newman. The wondrous single 'Something In The Air', written by the late Speedy Keen, inspired and delighted us so much that in 1969 we produced and enacted a play at the local St John Ambulance HQ for friends and family, about a straight guy with a regular job who suddenly sees the light, throws off conventionality and dances the night away. SITA always sounds special and there's Andy's piano lifting the song up to another dimension.

Back in 2010,my friend from that old time Ian Grant put together a new Thunderclap Newman band  featuring Andy Newman along with Mark Brzezicki (former Big Country), Josh Townsend (Pete's nephew) + Nick Johnson and Tony Stubbings. Their very first appearance was at our local venue The Con Club and my band BOHO had the pleasure of playing the support slot. It was a really memorable evening, packed with happy people, the band sounding great and the show climaxing with the magic song. Truly a special night.  

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