Saturday, May 27, 2006


Following on from my postings concerning my encounter with Al Gore and his latest activities (see: I Bought Al Gore Lunch: Real As Rain and Al Gore 2: An Inconvenient Truth ), the man himself popped up in major pieces in these two mainstream magazines in the same month.
We're all going green it seems and Al is the new Poster Boy of the Climate Change revolution. Chance to judge for yourself as Gore will be making a presentation of his no-holds-barred view of climate change on 21st June 2-4pm at Tate Britain. The event is being organised by The Carbon Neutral Company in conjunction with the All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group. Immediately afterwards, CNC are co-hosting with BSkyB, a panel discussion about what UK business is and could do to achieve a step change in managing CO2 emissions.

Following on my from previous post on James Lovelock (see: James Lovelock: Man of the Moment ), purpose of which being to underline the fact that JL had been a longtime supporter of nuclear energy rather than a deep green who'd only recently changed his viewpoint, comes hard and fast evidence that, in fact, he has been part of the nuclear lobby for years to a much greater extent than previously realised and also had connections with the intelligence establishment.

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