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It gives me great pleasure to announce that I’m promoting a rare gig by one of the cult bands of the 1960s – The Deviants, led by Mick Farren – novelist, NME music journalist and a leading figure in the British Underground with the White Panthers and as one-time editor of International Times.

The current five- piece line-up features original members Duncan ‘Sandy’ Sanderson (bass) and Russell Hunter (drums) – who also played with the Pink Fairies – with long-time collaborator Andy Colquhoun (guitar) and Jaki Windmill (percussion). Support is provided by my band BOHO + special guests + light show + DJ. Here’s a chance to dust off your 60’s wardrobe and party like its 1969.


Mick is as busy as ever and when I saw him a week or so back he gave me his two latest publications:

‘Black Dogs Circled’ is a book of poems and short fiction published by Sea Urchin Editions in Rotterdam. Love Mick’s author photo (left) and short bio:

‘Mick Farren  was born on a wet night at the end of World War II and has been complaining ever since. His life has been divided between music, literature, psychedelic agitprop and staying out of jail. He still fronts the anarchic pre-punk Deviants and his lyrics have been recorded by Metallica, Motorhead, Hawkwind, Brother Wayne Kramer, and the Pink Fairies. He has published twenty-two novels from the psychedelic fantasy of The DNA Cowboy Trilogy, to the neo-gothic Renquist Quartet. His non-fiction work music, drugs, conspiracy theories and include The Black Leather Jacket, The CIA Files, and the autobiographic Give The Anarchist A Cigarette.’


Road Movie (published by Penny-Ante Editions in Los Angeles is an anthology of short and short short fictive stories and dialogues which provides a good showcase of the various worlds Mick’s imagination inhabits - places where bad things generally happen, places where characters like Huxley Hahn and Lucinda Laveau tangle with bad characters in bad bars. Where mugworms lurk and strange pharmaceuticals are ingested in cork-lined rooms. Violence and death are constant companions in these frontier lands in our own and other universes. The dialogue is hard-boiled and the women wear leather and fur. What’s not to like!

Coming in the spring is what sounds like a great anthology of Mick’s journalism from HeadPress + other stuff.



A review of Speed-Speed-Speedfreak: A Fast History of Amphetamine

The Underground Press Gazette




Mick’s excellent autobiography [Pimlico] and Keep It Together -Rich Deakin’s history of the Deviants & Pink Fairies [HeadPress]


Mick Farren and The Deviants on Alive Records

Mick’s blog: DOC 40

Mick’s website: Funtopia

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