Wednesday, August 23, 2017


THE GENERALIST has been contacted by Leslie-Ann Coles, the director of 'Melody Makers' a film which began by being a profile of the paper's chief contributing photographer Barrie Wentzell (1965-1975) but, as I understand it, broadens out to include most of the main journalists on the paper. 

Screening at the 25th RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL #Raindance
Program Strand: Raindance Symphony Orchestra
Tickets: £13.00 and £9.00 Dates and Times: 24/09/17: 17:45 and 28/09/17:13:00

Location: Vue Leicester Square (3 Cranbourne Street, Leicester Square London WC2H 7AL)

For those interested in the history of one of the great British musioc papers it sounds like a must. 

See trailer here;

The nearest thing to an official history of the paper was published  in 1999: Melody Maker: History of 20th Century Popular Music by Nick Johnstone [Bloomsbury]

Read more about the film here: 

'Melody Makers: Should've Been There' in the New Jersey Stage

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