Sunday, April 24, 2022

The Return of An African in Greenland

Back in April1983, I travelled to Paris to spend three days with Tété-Michel Kpomassie and his family who made me most welcome. The Sunday Times magazine commissioned me to write a piece on his remarkable book. The piece was rejected at time. You can read it along with a  more detailed account of my trip in the two previous posts on The Generalist in November 2009.

Many years later I am delighted to say that his wonderful book with a new Afterword has just been published by Penguin Modern Classics and is now available in eight other languages.

Reading the new material takes me back to how wonderful his writing style is. He has always kept impeccable diaries and the level of detail he brings to his accounts is impressive to say the least. He not only made three further trips to Greenland over the years but also made two epic journeys around Africa ten years apart to 16 countries. His mission was to enable young Africans to learn about Greenland and to open their minds about the outside world.

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