Wednesday, April 05, 2023


 Three valuable new additions to the Generalist Archive:

'Photography of Protest and Community' by Noni Stacey [2020]
Noni Stacey's valuable highly detailed academic source documenting street photography of radical collective photo groups in the 1970s, like the Hackney Flashers, pioneering Half Moon Gallery and The Photographer's Gallery and mag Camerawork.

Whole World In An Uproar: Music Rebellion and Repression 1955-1972 by Aaron J. Leonard [2023] Xcellent book . Deeply researched. Musicians' FBI files revealed. Sets the music into the background of Black Power, anti-Vietnam events, festivals, riots, Lots of busts. Valuable source.

GRAFFITI: 'Two Thousand Years of Wall Writing' [1971] by the late jazz writer Robert Reisner. 'They express the beliefs, hopes, aspirations, hang-ups, angers and obsessions of the common folk through the ages.' A great pub read.

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