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Back in 1979, I made two trips to Hollywood to get material for Star Wars Monthly, which I was one of the main contributors to. I was also commissioned to produce a 64pp newstand special on the second film in the trilogy (and I think the best) The Empire Strikes Back. A detailed story of my adventures can be read in a Previous Post: 'Star Wars: Memories of a Galaxy Far, Far Away'.

Some years back I was contacted by Craig Stevens who explained to me his plan for a special book documenting the world of Star Wars in Britain - much of the film was shot at Elstree Studios and a number of Brits were involved in the production.

Craig's other great interest is Star Wars merchandise of which he a pre-eminent collector and I believe he holds the  record for the highest price paid for a Star Wars figure.

JM and R2D2 on the set of the
Bog Planet at Elstree Studios 1979
This labour of love has now been published in the UK and the US. It is the most thorough and detailed account available and will be welcomed by Star Wars fans as a valuable reference source.

Craig interviewed me for the book in which he quotes me extensively and reviews every issue of Star Wars Monthly which are now collector's items. He also credits me for small but important detail of Chewbacca's life. He writes that:
 'John May tacked the subject of Chewbacca, of whom nothing was known except that he was 200 years old...His imagination firing on all cylinders, May put forward the idea of Chewbacca owing his life to Han Solo, explaining why he was following the smuggler through the galaxy. This concept became entrenched in Star Wars literature, with Chewbacca described as having a life debt to Han. Although Chewbacca did not receive a medal at the end of Star Wars, May asserted that the Wookiee was indeed presented with one by Priness Leia before he and Han left the rebel base to pursue their adventures...It may be a coincidence but the Marvel Star Wars story "The Day After the Death Star" would go on to depict Chewbacca receiving his medal at the rebel base from Prtincess Leia, who was standing on a table.'

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