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I'm sitting and thinking about dear Davey - one of the great pioneers of folk music, of the evolution of British music. He is such an important figure as will become increasingly apparent as the tributes flood in:

Obituary: David Charters. Liverpool Daily Post 18 Dec 2008 Obituary: Robin Denslow The Guardian 17 Dec 2008           Obituary: John Pilgrim The Independent 17 Dec 2008

I met him in Brighton in 2007 and write this pome on the train directly after meeting him. It came from somewhere.

Copy of EUROPE2 002 

Davey Graham in the dressing room, post-gig, at the Komedia in Brighton, 2007.

Wounded Bird
On meeting Davey Graham

I couldn't believe
How beautiful he looked with his guitar
In his beat Bukowski splendour

How he looked like a sailor on a whaler
Happy sitting amongst the coils of rope
Completely at ease
He appeared to have long arms
And his agile fingers were beautifully shaped
And appeared to have a mind of their own
As they danced over the fretboard
A large reefer ('old style') on a white plate
Circulated in the narrow dressing room
After a gig notable for being both
Brief and unexpected
Both a triumph and a disaster
This wounded bird
Touches my heart

The full story from that encounter can be found here:


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