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2 June 1948 - 26 Nov 2008

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Rob Partridge (left) with best friend David May. Plymouth 1965

David May comments on Rob's funeral:
Rob's humanist cremation and memorial service  was a unique occasion.

The Latin inscription on the front page of the order of service was HAEC RES VALE NIHIL ET ERGO FUTUENDAM EST which translated as 'Fuck this for a game of soldiers.'

We came in to his favourite Miles Davies track So What and then Billy Bragg opened the humanist service with an unaccompanied. Jerusalem. There were words from his Coalition colleage and a friend who supported QPR with him, a reading of a poem by Mary Oliver's The Summer Day and a music journalist reflecting on time.
The music included Somewhere over the Rainbow / What A Wonderful World from someone I hadn't heard of called Israel Kamakawiwo'ole and a deeply moving Tom Waits track Take It With Me. Waits was in the congration (along with Bono, the Edge and Adam of U2) It was a beautiful, moving moment. After a few words from his brother and some brave spirited ones from his wife Tina a absolute masterstroke was produced..

Only Rob could dream up ending his own funeral a with a six piece Mariachi Band in Mexican outfits singing My Way and ending with Roll Out the Barrell. Apparently he was adamant that everyone should leave with a smile. He succeeded.

Chris Blackwell said he hadn't ever experienced a service like that in his lifetime. I doubt whether anyone present will again.
Mick Brown was also there and wrote this on The Telegrah blog.

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List of articles by Rob Partridge in Rock's Back Pages

Rob was a writer for Melody Maker and other publications before becoming a press officer with Island Records.)

'My memories of Marley...' [BBC News 4 Feb 2005]

To mark the 60th anniversary of the birth of reggae star Bob Marley, Rob Partridge - Marley's former head of press at Island Records - remembers the man behind the legend.

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