Sunday, May 09, 2010



Performing live at Birthday Bash at Con Club, Lewes, on 30th April. Poem written specially for the occasion.






Woke up this morning to find I’m sixty

It was just another day

Except it has this big number attached

There was a huge bell tolling in the distance

And a raven pecking itself on the tv aerial outside my window

I stumbled to the bathroom

And found this old Apache man sitting in my ancient armchair

He gave me a look as if to say

Don’t worry its just another day

The phone rang

It was the tv licensing authorities

Questioning whether I’m watching the official channels

I explained my situation

And they said a stormtrooper truck would be round

To verify my situation

I seem to have woken up in some kind of nightmare

I remember a world of ice creams and doilies

Where humanity still existed

When vinyl was king

And the young people believed they could change the world

I was one of them

I went for a coffee

Sat down and read revolutionary poems

Written in ink on paper

Tried to imagine what it would be like

If all our dreams came true

Strutting my stuff down the street

Even the fish and chip man

Congratulated me

On reaching this august age

If you add six and oh it comes to nothing

All that exists is now.

The rest is memory or future projection

Only this moment

Is important

So, on being 60

Just getting into gear

Still planning to change the world

Still dreaming of a perfect life

Still hoping that together we can find a way through

There are two moons in the sky

I’m lying in a basement full of candles and angels

Hope springs

Love hurts

Dangerous feelings


You want some wisdom

Some advice from the far side

Hold on to your heart

Cultivate a strong mind

Above all

Learn how to be a good friend

On being 60

You know what I think

I think its going to be alright for a while

Maybe now is exactly the best and right time

For me to fully express

How much I love you all

Hope so

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