Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Clean Hands and the Philosophy of Football

Bought a 'Big Issue' this morning and discovered an advert for PhilosophyFootball.Com and this t-shirt, which I have ordered. This is why they say they are issuing it:

'After the bombing in Madrid hundreds of thousands of Spaniards demonstrated with their hands in the air, palms open. This was to sympolise that their hands were clean, they were not dirtied by supporting either war or terrorism. We have responded to the London bombing inspired by this symbolism.'

In this design the 'Clean Hand' is surrounded by the names of places on the globe - New York-Kabul-Washington-Baghdad-Madrid-Guantanamo-Istanbul-Falluja-London-Abu Ghraib-Bali-Srebenica-Ramallah-Nairobi-Grozny-Mogadishu-Moscow-Nablus-Beslan-Tel Aviv - which are locked into a negative chain of action and reaction that must be broken. NO TO WAR & TO TERROR is printed on the sleeve.

My order is on its way but I have already received the following message from Mark at PFC.

'Thanks. We are endeavouring to get these shirts out as quick as possible. We are a T-shirt company, we're not making money out of this, we're not ghoulish bandwagon jumpers, we've always supported the stop the war and stop terror message. We felt this shirt and message the right response. We're glad you feel the same.
Can you help us spread the message? Can you email friends, relatives, contacts, work colleagues and tell them about the shirt? Can you download the image from the site. Print it out, post it on a noticeboard or best of all on a website and put in a link to the site? Can you get together a bulk order for family, workplace, peace group? Call us on 020 8802 3499 for special rates.'

Just passing the word.

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