Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New Developments

A powerful poster for an important event.
See: and

Delighted that the first story to be picked up from THE GENERALIST is currrently featuring on the US alt-journalism site Click Browse and go to 'The Truth Is Out There Somewhere.'

Pleased to get one of my pictures in the latest issue of Viva Lewes, our fab new local web mag. This is an original site by any standards - it scrolls sidways for one. A beautiful piece of web design, complemented by genuinely interesting editorial with real style. In addition, it is providing an important service to the local community, giving the town a new view of itself. An unqualified success.

Excited by the fact that our band BOHO is now featuring on
Check it out.

There is the thinnest of crescent moons tonight. The world is turning.

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