Tuesday, May 17, 2011


HUMAN  925

My son Alex and his partner Anna Dumitriu are two of the participants in this interesting international exhibition at the Science Gallery in Dublin. which explores many aspects of the possible future augmentation of the human body.

Naturally, one of the stars of the show is Stelarc, who is growing an extra ear on his arm, which will be electronically augmented and internet enabled. [See Previous Post: BIOART]

Alex and Anna are Visiting Research Fellows:Artists in Residence in the Adaptive Systems Research Group at the University of Hertfordshire. Their exhibit, produced in cooperation with Prof Kerstin Dautenhahn and Dr Michael Walters, is called ‘My Robot Companion’.

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‘What will we do when life extension technologies become the norm and we enter an age when there are no longer sufficient numbers of young people to care for the ageing population ? One likely solution will be to employ robots to care for us, to entertain us and even to provide companionship. My Robot Companion asks what kind of robots do we really want? This project of speculative robot heads is designed to provoke the viewer to consider their future robot companions and ho0w they should look, move and behave.’

The exhibition run until 24th June. Further details at www.sciencegallery.com

Anna and Alex are running a ‘My Robot Companion workshop for adults and teenagers at the Gallery on the morning of 4th June.Build your own ideal robot companion. To read further details and book in -  go here

See Alex talking about on the project: www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEPsZ3e0RNY

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