Sunday, December 04, 2011


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International Times – one of the great underground papers – is now online. A fantastic database of every issue, page by page. To check the search engine and for my own archival interests, tried to find the contributions I made to the paper. Found some as follows:

Back in 1969, I wrote two short pieces about the activities of our Arts Lab, the Worthing Workshop

In 1972: a news piece entitled FRENDZ – Still Rocking. In fact, this was wishful thinking as the paper closed that year.

In 1973 I was listed as one of a number of Associate Editors and wrote, amongst other things, two features – one of squatting and one on terrorism. These were experiments in a style where I intertwined fact and fiction.

In 1974, I was listed as one of a number of Contributing Editors. Credited as a researcher on an article called ‘Paranoi9d Panorama’. Also contributed a long book review on the chequered career of former Chancellor of the Exchequer Reginald Maudling.



An almost complete page of IT stickers. According to the International Times Wikipedia entry: The paper's logo was a black-and-white image of Theda Bara, vampish star of silent films. The founders' intention had been to use an image of actress Clara Bow, 1920s It girl, but a picture of Theda Bara was used by accident and, once deployed, not changed.


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