Sunday, February 28, 2010


ARTHUR BROWN478 Its always good news when Arthur Brown - The God of Hellfire - is back in town, this time fresh from Austin, Texas - where he once had a legendary decorating firm with the late Mother of Invention Jimmy Carl Black - and on his way to Poland. We hung out together for a few days, discussed the details of our lives over spaghetti bolognese and red wine, Arthur regaling us with tales of being on the Tom Jones show back in the day.

[See Previous Post The God of Hellfire in Residence for more on the legend of Arthur]

He has left with me his latest recording - 'Two Strange' - with Zhenya, a Russian multi-instrumentalist, which is fuelled by some wild accordion and fine guitar playing. Arthur has many voices and styles, a fine line in story-telling and songwriting. He is a man who never ceases to impress and the musical settings on this excellent  album perfectly complement his outpourings, which range from the anarchistic to the zany, taking in the romantic and spiritual. The duo are currently planning an US tour of intimate venues so keep your eyes and ears peeled. Album will be available from his website in due course - check out also the Mash-up 'Fire' video on same.

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