Thursday, April 07, 2011



Light projection onto the cooling tower of the nuclear power plant at Leibstadt. Photo: David Adair

‘We are clearly at a fork in the road regarding nuclear power, where we will either have to replace our ageing fleet of reactors or move away from nuclear power entirely.

To make rational decisions about these momentous questions, we need to understand the risks of low doses of radiation with a great deal more certainty. Otherwise the debate will be framed around the extreme positions of 'radiation is universally dangerous' and 'low doses of radiation pose no risk'.

- David J. Brenner

As part of its ongoing coverage of the unfolding nuclear crisis, THE GENERALIST is now turning its attention to Nature, one of the most respected and long-lasting scientific magazines. Its doing a great job.

We don’t know enough about low-does radiation risk

This is probably the single most important article I have read on low-level radiation. It is succinctly written by David J. Brenner who works at the Center for Radiological Research, Columbia University, New York, New York  and focuses on radiation-risk estimation at both high and low doses.


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