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There are no shortage of books on Bowie – and no wonder. This mercurial figure has entranced, delighted, intrigued and amazed us for more than 40 years – constantly innovating and exploring new sonic landscapes and creative collaborations.

‘In his intro to ‘Any Day Now’, Kenneth Pitt (his former PR and the man who persuaded David to change his name from Jones to Bowie) has this to say on the subject:

The day would come when it seemed that every publishing house had its own Bowie book. In 1986 music journalist Dave Thompson wrote in Record Collector’ magazine: ‘There will soon be no room left  on the bookshelf for any more Bowie books and, with three more due out over the next six months, and twice that many having appeared over the last six, the potential purchaser needs to look carefully before making his decision.’

Today, a quarter of a century later, there are still Bowie books in the pipeline, but their authors would be well advised to study this remarkable encyclopedia, compiled by Kevin Cann, who is now recognised as the world’s most reliably informed student on the life of David Bowie.’

This 336-page detailed chronology of Bowie’s life, copiously illustrated with ephemera and rarely-seen photography contains a whole world and an extraordinary journey. Indexed, footnoted, researched to the bone, this remarkable document will stand as a key work of Bowieology. Hats off.

[Published by Adelita Press (great job), publishers of the wonderful Barney Bubbles book]

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