Thursday, February 14, 2013


BEAT 3036

This remarkable collage is by Norman Ogue Mustill, an American collage artist who was active in the 50s and 60s and is still working. This image forms the cover of the new catalogue from Beat Books which features hundreds of choice beat  items for sale. Here’s another couple of examples of his work and some more information about him.

A piece of Mail Art found on mimmeomimeo – a site about Artist’s Books and the Mimeo Revolution

Explosive, page 2 copy.JPG

A page from ‘Twinpak’ – one of a series of Nova Broadcast pamphlets produced in San Francisco in 1969. A kind of graphic novel by Mustill which he called ‘A Shockumentary’. There’s more about him on Jan Herman’s blog: www.arts  Apparently his second name is a joke – Vogue without the V.

You can download the complete set of Nova Broadcasts here at – a William S. Burroughs Community site


Flypaper (1967)

Source: Interventionist Collage {University of Iowa]

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