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Under the radar and out of sight of the mainstream media, Headpress has been been quietly and steadily publishing an extraordinary range of underground cult books, of which the above are just a small sample illustrating some of their main themes.

1. Really useful and interesting counter-culture biographies and histories.

'It's All Good: A John Sinclair Reader' is an excellent anthology of biographical writings and poems. John Sinclair (see Previous Post:  GLAD DAYS: Tom Paine & William Blake, The Dirty Strangers & John Sinclair ) is one of The Generalist's favourite people. You can listen to his radio show with the Dirty Strangers here.

'The Hunchback of Hollywood'  by Aubrey Malone, an accessible examination of Charles Bukowski's Life and Times.

2. Cult books on outsider culture.

Here is 'Gigs From Hell' - True Tales of rock and roll gone wrong from the underbelly. Other titles include 'Bad Mags: The Strangest, Most Unusual, and Sleaziest Periodicals Ever Published' and 'Trashfiend: Disposable Horror Fare of the 1960s and 1970s.

3, The House Journal

'Headpress', Edited by David Kerekes, has reached its 27th issue and its a particularly fine anthology of words and full-colour graphics which includes amongst other material,  an extensive interview with Alan Moore, a meditation on 9/11, a great piece on the Deviants from another of their published titles 'Keep It Together: Cosmic Boogie with The Deviants & Pink Fairies' by Rick Deakin, and a dark side Psych Primer.

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