Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Beat Library [New additions]

[Left]: The two remarkable beat guides to New York and San Francisco by the late great Bill Morgan (turned onto same by Miles, fresh back from the 100th birthday celebrations of Dr Hoffman, the inventor of LSD, in Basle). (City Lights Books. 1997/2003)

(Left) Kevin Ring's excellent evergreen 'Beat Scene' British monthly. Issue 49 due out anytime now.
(Above right) 'All Poets Welcome: The Lower East Side Poetry Scene in the 1960s' by Daniel Kane. (Univ of California. 2003). (Below) 'Women of the Beat Generation' by Brenda Knight (MJF Books, New York. 2000)

'In many ways, women of the Beat were cut from the same cloth as the men: fearless, angry, high risk, too smart, restless, highly irregular. They took chances, make mistakes, made poetry, made love, made history. Women of the Beat weren't afraid to get dirty. They were compassionate, careless, charismatic, marching to a different drummer, out of step. Muses who birthed a poetry so raw and new and full of power that it changed the world. Writers whose words weave spells, whose stories bind, whose vision blinds. Artists for whom curing the disease of art kills.' - Women of the Beat Generation

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