Thursday, June 28, 2012


Occasionally a movie comes along that switches on a light in your brain. ‘Palermo Shooting’ is, for my money, Wim Wenders greatest movie to date – or is his other greatest movie along with ‘Wings of Desire’, to which it forms a companion piece. Its dedicated to the memory of Bergman and Antonioni. Its about photography and death amongst other things.

What makes it good? A strongly constructed original story, gripping, deep, profound and unexpected. Fantastic cinematography and extraordinary visual treats, wonderful colours, powerful imaginary sequences interspersed with lovingly constructed views of the city of Palermo. Powerful characters, great performances. Fantastic technology. Amazing soundtrack. Its a summary of all Wenders’ key fascinations – a maestro stroke.

Released in 2008, it is for some reason not out on DVD (in the UK at least) until later this year. I saw it as free streaminga video on LoveFilm.

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