Friday, March 18, 2011



(Left): The Grateful Dead logo designed by Owsley Stanley and Bob Thomas

"There's nothing wrong with Bear that a few billion less brain cells wouldn't cure."

- Jerry Garcia

Let’s begin by celebrating Owsley’s sonic achievements as a sound engineer par excellence before delving into his genius as an LSD chemist. It can now be seen that his influence on music and modern culture is profound.


Augustus Owsley Stanley III should be remembered for more than his contribution to hallucinogenic drugs – he was an electronics genius who introduced the stage monitor, the travelling PA, separate miked stereo sound and live recordings to rock and roll.’

‘Bad trip end maestro’s kool-aid acid test’ By Simon Tatz

Remembering Owsley “Bear” Stanley (1935-2011) [Audio] by Jeff Weis [Pop & Hiss: The LA TImes Music Blog]

There is a lot of stuff on Owsley out there on the web. This is the boss piece. Extraordinary.

Owsley Stanley: The King of LSD by Robert Greenfield [Rolling Stone]

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