Sunday, November 08, 2009


 LEWES Bonfirenight09 330

Just some of the scenes from this year's Bonfire Night celebrations in Lewes. What a beautiful night it was. The weather was mild, the stars and moon were out, numbers of people were manageable, the fireworks were awesome and there was a great feeling in the air. Here are just a few of the costumes and scenes from the most creative and exciting firework celebrations in Britain. We've all been riding high on the energy of this annual explosive recharge. Below is just one of the major tableaus showing Michael Martin, the disgraced Speaker of the House of Commons holding a list of MPs expenses. Behind the marvelous model of the Parliament building itself sits an exhausted and wounded Afghan soldier begging for pennies. Beautifully crafted and powerfully expressed, this, like all the tableaus, is consumed by flames at the end of  the night.

LEWES Bonfirenight09 037 LEWES Bonfirenight09 036

LEWES Bonfirenight09 086 LEWES Bonfirenight09 289 LEWES Bonfirenight09 170 LEWES Bonfirenight09 196 LEWES Bonfirenight09 069 LEWES Bonfirenight09 257

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