Saturday, August 12, 2006


The shadowman with his bent lampshade
Gracing the old flint wall of the bowling green
Where jousters used to practice their skills

Created my first photoblog this week: Lewes Light : A photographic and poetic exploration of the ancient town of Lewes and environs, in all its surprising aspects and details.

Like many others, have been searching for a way to get my photos out into the world, in a simple and practical fashion. Have been looking at Flickr but, in the meantime, find this little blog a beautiful first step. Simple and easy to put together and the pics look good. Inspired to do it by pruchasing a new digital camera (Sony DSC-W5), which is now fixed to my belt. Intend to try to post up pictures every day. A new discipline.

To see some real hi-fi photo pros at work, check out the wonderful Cool Photoblogs

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